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Club Meetings

Will need your help for our last 3D Tournament open to the public on Saturday September 22nd and Sunday September 23rd.

Great time to get your work hours and let's support our club having 3D Tournaments on both Saturday and Sunday.

Pam & Don Loree will be running this shoot. 

Will need your help on Saturday morning setting up the course and cleaning the club grounds and your support both Saturday & Sunday on running the registration table, kitchen, checking the course and targets.

Even if you can only support 1/2 of the day would be of great help.

Please Call Don Loree to let him know you are willing to help out.

If your work schedule prevents you from helping out on the weekends, contact Don Loree. He will be rearrange the 20 targets for the Outdoor 3D League every Wednesday evening, starting at 5:30 pm. Good way for new members to get your work hours.

There are many things that can be scheduled during the week to keep our club and Indoor Range looking nice.

Club Closed for Events or Member Rental

Club Event -                                  Sunday - 3D Shoot

September 23rd, 2018

Club Event -                                  Monday November 5th

Hosting Trumbull Federation Meeting - Starts at 7pm

Membership Meeting
Are conducted on the 2nd Tuesday

of every month starting at 7pm. 

Next Meeting is October 9th, 2018


Board of Directors Meeting
Are conducted the 4th Tuesday

of every month starting at 7pm.

Board Meeting will be October 23rd.

Club Event -                                  Saturday - 3D Shoot

September 22nd, 2018

Work Hours