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Club Meetings

Will need help for our ASA Tournament Saturday and Sunday April 21st & April 22nd. Louie and Brenda Zannetakis is running this event. Will need help running the registration table, kitchen and checking the course.

This year we will have 4 weekends with both Saturday and Sunday 3D Shooting.  We will need membership support.

First full weekend is when we host the State ASA Qualifier,  April 21st and April 22nd. 

The other three weekends are a test year for our club, to see if we get membership support to continue hosting a Saturday, along with our regular Sunday 3D shoots to the public.

If your work schedule prevents you from helping out on the weekends, contact Don Loree.

There are many things that can be scheduled during the week to keep our club and Indoor Range looking nice.

Club Closed for Events or Member Rental

Membership Meeting
Are conducted on the 2nd Tuesday

of every month starting at 7pm. 

Next Meeting is May 8th, 2018


Board of Directors Meeting
Are conducted the 4th Tuesday

of every month starting at 7pm.

Next Board Meeting is              April 24th, 2018

Club Event -                                  Saturday & Sunday -

April 21st & April 22nd, 2018

Ohio ASA State Qualifier Shoot

Club Rental -

Saturday June 2nd, 2018

Club Rental -

Saturday June 9th, 2018

Work Hours